My Jewelry is created using Sterling Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass and Bronze. I also use many natural stones and gems. When I select a stone, it is a personal relational experience because it then becomes the focal point of my design. I have a feeling about a stone, its color, shape and energy inspires the design that follows. My work is entirely handcrafted by fabricating, forging, bending, piercing, texturing and soldering all the elements together. I have learned through books, intensive workshops and, my favorite process; experimentation. I love the process of taking a piece from a conceptual drawing then bring it into a three-dimensional form. Trees and vines are a major inspiration of my design. 


While creating, I find many more designs are revealed therefore, the evolution of my work is an ongoing circle of inspiration.


Designing to me, is 3-fold,

1) External influences - all that we see and touch

2) Learned techniques - educating ourselves to go further in our art medium

3) Divine inspiration!! I believe the more an artist works with their tools in any medium the more creative ideas are born.


I have learned when I let go, there is this guidance I feel that is so clear that everything falls into place and a new creation emerges.